SHAME:… Whistleblower: Veterans Affairs Covered Up Data on Mental Health, Gulf War Syndrome MAR 13, 2013 1:09 PM – BY JAMIE RENO…..

C PTSD - A Way Out

Retired Army Col Gil Roman, a Gulf War Vet, poses for a portrait (in his war room) along with the medication he takes to combat symptoms associated with Gulf War Syndrome. He takes 15 different medications twice a day. Roman retired a full Col. in 1994. (Craig F. Walker/The Denver Post, via Getty)

“The Department of Veterans Affairs routinely disseminated false information about the health of America’s veterans, withheld research showing a link between nerve gas and Gulf War syndrome, rushed studies out the door without taking recommended fixes by an independent board, and failed to offer crucial care to veterans who came forward as suicidal.
These are the allegations of Steven Coughlin, an epidemiologist who worked at the VA’s Office of Public Health until he resigned last year, citing “serious ethical issues.” On Wednesday Coughlin will testify at a congressional hearing on the health of Gulf…

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