Vietnam Vet Stops Getting Benefit Checks After VA Lists Him As ‘Dead’

CBS Atlanta

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – A Vietnam veteran is struggling to convince the VA that he is not, in fact, dead.

Morris Scott tells WGCL-TV that the Department of Veterans Affairs listed him as deceased and stopped sending his benefit checks.

Apparently the VA confused him with his wife, Sharon, who died several months ago after a 3-year battle with Alzheimer’s.

“In March I got letter and a check, supposed to be a death check made out to Sharon Morris,” Scott said.

While the first name on that check was correct, her last name was listed as Scott’s first name.

“I took the check to the VA, turned the check into the VA to let them know I am not deceased,” Scott told the station.

Since then he has been fighting the bureaucracy to get his $701 monthly benefits reinstated. And if it doesn’t happen soon, Scott is worried about how he will…

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