Therapy Dogs: A Veteran’s Best Friend

Paranoia, isolation, insomnia, fear and emotional detachment are all symptoms experienced by veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). With over 300,000 soldiers returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD, it’s hard to ignore the growing need for therapy and treatment. While common ways of treating PTSD include cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication to reduce symptoms, a new type of treatment is showing promising results and is rising in popularity. Backed by the Veteran Affairsassociation, one of the newest discovered ways to help veterans overcome PTSD is interaction with a therapy dog.

Assigning therapy dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD is an innovative form of alternative medicine that is proving to benefit struggling soldiers as they return home from war. This therapy initiative established in 2008 pairs soldiers with a service dog in the hope their companionship will aid in the healing process, and so far…

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