Overcoming the Unemployed “Stigma”

Job Search Skills for Vets

Let’s take a look at the issue of being unemployed. It comes in two parts – either one (or both) may apply to you:

Your Own Perception
You blame yourself for being unemployed. Or you feel like a victim. Either way, you are in shock. You might even think your worth as a human being has declined. You believe there is a social stigma attached to your situation without knowing if this is true or not.

The perception of others
People might look down on you. Yes, someone who has never experienced job loss and doesn’t understand today’s job market might feel unemployment is your fault.

How do you overcome this?

Understand the facts
Being unemployed is nothing unusual during 30-40 years of work until retirement. You have to expect it. Your risk of being without a job is independent of your level of hierarchy, education or skills. Even your…

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