Generations of PTSD

Plausibly Live

Yesterday I asked the question that I received in a message on Monday evening. I share it with you here again:

Dave…. I’m trying to get my head around something re: war veterans. I’m supposing that PTSD, “shell shock” rates among WWII European theater vets are similar to the rates our guys are currently experiencing. I get the impression that the older vets deal with it differently, manning-up so to speak. From your study and interpersonal relations, go you get the same sense of it? Are the WWII /Korea vets better at handling it? Or is a comparison wrong on the face of it? My WWII vet friends and relatives seem different. Age and time has something to do with it, I’m sure. I get to talk with our younger vets enough to happen across a few that allow me in far enough to counsel them, and I’m sure I…

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