It Isn’t About What’s Wrong!

Breaking The Co-De

It Isn't About What's Wrong!

For the stigma to change, first we have to stop using words that encourage stigma’s for the PTSD to thrive. My husband’s response & reactions to the trauma of his experience down rage is completely normal. My responses and reaction to trauma is completely normal.

Second, we have to realize that trauma changes our world perspective not the core of who we are or who they are as an individual. We have to see past the outer reaction and dig deeper to hear their heart. We need to love them and accept their trauma.

Third, we need to stand by their side and teach them to fight for their self by equipping them and not enabling them. You must learn to adjust, so that they will learn to adjust as well.

These men and women ARE strong, the strongest. They are a very small group of amazingly courageous people in…

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