Thousands of Aggressive Homeowners Secretly Settle Fraudclosures With Gag Clauses

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It was only a matter of time before it became common knowledge. My guess is that tens of thousands of homeowners have successfully litigated their foreclosure cases only to come to a fork in the road where they must make a decision: (1) finish the case at trial or (2) accept an incredibly “generous” offer from the pretender lender. My choice is option #1. But Homeowners understandably most often choose option #2.

By way of example, and not to disclose any of the details in the hundreds of cases I know have been settled to the satisfaction of the homeowner, pick a number. Let’s say you have a mortgage and note that you are successfully litigating — i.e., showing that the origination was false, that the payee and mortgagee were falsified, and that the assignment was fabricated based upon a fictitious sale of the loan because no money ever exchanged…

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