BANK OF AMERICA strange art

Question Everything

Written by Henry Baum

This is pretty fantastically strange. The frescoes in the Bank of America corporate headquarters are as cryptic as those at the Denver airport. Deconstructed here as being rife with New World Order occult symbolism.


I chalked this up to more New World Order paranoia – if banks are known for one thing, it’s bad art. Until looking into the artist, who happens to be the grandson of McKendree Robbins Long, painter of some of the craziest milliennialist paintings in history. bank of america

Not saying there’s a direct connection between the two artists, beyond family. But that’s bizarre – entertainingly bizarre.

Meanwhile, Wikileaks releases information about American empire in which New World Order is bandied about even by people who don’t reside on the conspiracy fringe. There are calls to kill Julian Assange for putting American interests at risk, but no calls for violence against leaders that actually orchestrate…

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