Bank Of America Royally Screws Up Name On A Credit Card Offer, Blowing What They Thought Was An Easy Sell

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Lisa McIntire is her real name. She is from San Francisco and a self-described ”freelance writer for progressive causes.” On Thursday she, like thousands of other people across the country, received a lot of junk mail. Some were coupons, others were flyers from local businesses, nothing out of the ordinary.

But then one piece of mail caught her attention (her mother’s attention, actually, who collected the mail then text Lisa). It was a credit card offer from Bank of America.

Normally credit card solicitations go straight from to the mailbox to the recycling bin, but this particular letter was special. It was addressed to “Lisa Is A Slut McIntire.” It was a Visa card that was tied to her Golden Key International Honour Society membership, according to the LA Times, and somehow, sometime between 2004 and 2008, she was given a unique middle name.

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