What Homeowners Must Know About Appealability and Reviewability of Court Orders and Judgments


This Post is to guide Homeowners in deciding whether to appeal their cases to the higher courts upon judgment or order.
A. Definitions

The concepts of appealability and reviewability are constitutional limitations on the Court’s power to hear cases. More precisely, appealability rules act to limit the kinds of cases which may be heard by the Court of Appeals. Reviewability rules, on the other hand, limit the issues which the Court may determine once the case is before the Court. Article VI, § 3(b) of the State Constitution prescribes what kinds of orders are appealable to the Court, and article VI, § 3(a) states that in most cases “the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals shall be limited to the review of questions of law.”

B. Appealability

In addition to the jurisdictional requirements discussed above for appeals as of right and motions for leave to appeal, certain other appealability requirements…

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