Sports Verdict: Which QB Will Win AFC Championship? Peyton Manning Vs. Tom Brady

CBS Philly

By Christian S. Kohl

As Championship Weekend looms this Sunday, football fans get to watch two exceptional games and two exceptional rivalries. In the AFC, Manning and Brady will duel yet again. The good news: either Manning or Brady will get to go to another Super Bowl. The bad news: one of them will not, and be denied adding more to his legacy yet again. The question is, who emerges on top?

[worldnow id=9737309 autoplay=true width=420 height=266 type=video]

This game could play out several different ways. What seems all but impossible is for New England to blow Denver out on their home field. The offense of Denver is so explosive, they are capable of making this game fiercely competitive at worst, and a blowout win for them at best. The Patriots simply lack the weapons on either side of the ball to roll all over Denver. If New England is…

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