Ten Great Philosophical Questions: Competing Disciplines, Methods & Styles of Discourse



My last blog dealt with what Sam Keen calls the Questing or Spirited Self that explores the perennial human experiences and perennial mythic questions. Since many of my blogs ask the basic philosophical questions, I’d like to introduce Ten Great  Philosophical Questions for consideration. After introducing these questons I’ll have some comments to make about the widely different ways in which our philosophers, scientists, novelists and artists go about approaching these great questions of life. They may ask some of the same basic questions, but their approaches toward them are worlds apart. You may want to skip the ten questions and move on to the epistemological, disciplinary and methodological debate, which is a “meta-level” discussion beyond the ten great philosophical questions.

1. METAPHYSICS: What is the nature of prime reality and the physical world in which we live?

Secondary Questions: Are prime reality and the physical world one and the same thing, or is the prime reality deeper than the…

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