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Dracula How many times have you flipped through the channels and then turned off your TV? It happens to me all the time. But one Friday night, I stumbled upon Dracula. Sucked in by the dramatic lighting, sumptuous costumes, sensuous actors, and sets that rival Academy Award winning films, I set down my remote.

The whole gang

Dracula poses as a wealthy American, Alexander Grayson, who takes up residence in London. He longs for love and light, both lost when his wife was burned at the stake by a secret society that cursed him with immortality. He is humanized by his grief and his need for revenge. He meets his reincarnated wife Mina Murray (Jessica de Gouw) and her boyfriend Jonathan Harker (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) which creates an interesting love triangle. The plot twists when he hires Harker, who seems to know everything about everyone, to work at Grayson Industries.

Dracula Episode 4


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