Foundation of AWESOME: The single most important element of any training protocol

UR the answer

Ever start a training program full of piss and vinegar. GIve it all you’ve got in every workout, leave it all in a puddle of sweat on the gym floor? Then a month or two in, you wake up one morning and hurt down to your bones. You got no strength, no energy, just a dull pain in every one of your joints. This goes on for about a week, until you finally give up. The program was just too much, you weren’t cut out for that volume or intensity.  It’s a sign of overtraining, OR, maybe it’s a sign of improper fueling.

Most athletes look at training as the blood sweat and tears shed in the gym, out on the road, or on the field. There’s general training that addresses physiological fundamentals of athletic movement, balance and agility, as well as speed and strength training for explosiveness. Then comes…

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