Fake Mortgages Used for Money Laundering at BOA?

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Darlene Spencer wrote an excellent piece in a comment on our Facebook page. I had heard rumblings from inside the industry when HSBC got tagged for laundering money for terrorists et al. But thus far I have come up with no actual corroborative evidence, which is why I didn’t write about it. Darlene explains it so well that I thought I would post it on the blog. I guess the most frustrating thing for us is the total apathy or complicity of government in failing to prosecute those responsible in the banking industry for the gutting of the world economy. The Banks operate in a world of their own behaving as though they are somehow “above” the law. So in the meantime while government sits on its hands, we must win these cases one at a time until we reach critical mass and the whole paradigm shifts.

History is not…

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