Pointing Blame

Tracks In The Dust

There are so many diverse things in our lives, lately I have been thinking about the extremes of blame.

Hand and Vase

Some people get caught up in the idea that it is “All My fault”. The person who seems to be a sponge, take on everything… like always thinking “must have been me” Most times they end up being a victim of life. Looking at others and wondering why they can’t get a break, life is unfair.

There is the other extreme of course. Seems like a bit more of this happens these days… “Not my fault”. People that will actually go out of their way to prove that they are not to blame. Don’t want to take it on ever. Always wanting to point the blame elsewhere, regardless if that is the truth or not.

It is really about accountability… and that is something more elusive these days. You have to…

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